My Scars-Laid out to Bare for all to see

Some of you may have seen these lots of you may not there are images of scar tissue, as people might find them traumatic I thought I’d warn you XXX

My left shoulder

My right wrist and forearm

My right elbow

My right shoulder

My back

My head

These are not the only scars I carry from my accident, there are some scars I cannot show you because I still can’t see them myself I’m still battling my mind to try and find them!!!……..

6 thoughts on “My Scars-Laid out to Bare for all to see

    1. No, I still have no idea I have injured myself badly since, I dislocated and a compound fracture to my ankle my foot was facing the wrong way and I had no pain medication until I was taken to theatre the following day, it might be a part of the brain might have been damaged.
      I will be doing a post as well later on when I get my medical records so I can show people how many bones I’ve broken without knowing about it until I’ve gone to the hospital 2 sometimes 3 days later.

      It may be as simple as the pain was so so great that my brain just shut that system down and it’s never turned itself back on.

      Thank you so much, that’s a beautifully kind thing to say xxx

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