In the Early Years

I don’t remember much of the first 2-3 years of my life, But I have two vivid memories, the first was my dad teaching my mum to drive, I remember my dad shouting at my mum and she hit the curb, my mum never learnt to drive after that. The second was my mum and dad arguing I was in the bath with my brother, mum and dad were arguing so lots of shouting then my dad putting his foot through a door and not seeing my dad for what seemed like forever.

My mum, my younger brother and myself ended up in refuge, I’ve never asked what happened and why they split up maybe I should have, but I have a really good relationship with my dad, a somewhat strained and at times volatile relationship with my mum, they split up when I was about 3-1/2 my bother was about 1-1/2.

Then came years of manipulation my Gran didn’t want my mum to have my dads number incase she gave it to the CSA, my brother and I couldn’t get involved, so my Gran made all the plans for when we wanted to go and stay with my dad. For so long she had to be in control and know when and where we were going to be.

This was so hard as my dad worked for Fords, in England he worked at the tractor plant and Dunton in Basildon, Fords in Warley, Rouche for Fords in Hutton, Fords Spain in Valencia and Fords in America where he had a house in Florida as well.

He worked in Holland for and exhaust manufacturer.

He worked for Volvo and Suzuki but don’t know where in the world and Lotus in Bedford. He also worked in Munchen and Munich but I don’t know which company he worked for there I assume Fords.

My Mum always told me never to go off with or talk to my dad if he ever turned up at play school or my infant school, I remember one day my dad turning up at my play group and him talking to me through the fence, then me getting taken inside while all the other kids were still playing outside. Yet again in my life getting excluded for something beyond my control.

I started Junior school, and this was when the systematic bullying started by one kid in particular Simon White, it went on right the way through from the age of 7yo- 11yo, every so often a few other kids would jump in as well.

It was around the time I was 7yo-8yo when my best friend Terry and his sister Jacqueline moved to the road behind my mums house. We used to play football it would be our street and Terry’s street V’s the three streets in front of us, we used to play for hours although I could hardly play with my asthma but I persevered and as I got older and stronger my asthma got better. We started playing American football when I was around 9 but football was my thing really.

Myself and Terry have been friends ever since that’s 35 years and counting He’s seen me at my best and he’s seen me at my worst, he’s seen me living and he’s seen me dying, he’s seen me free and he’s seen me in captivity.

You’ll hear a lot more about the Dallas Family, My Family it’s so nice to have people that have seen every single piece of my life and still stand with me, not behind, not beside, not in front of, but with in my heart in my soul they are part of my very being!!!………….

7 thoughts on “In the Early Years

  1. One of my best friends lives a few houses right to the house behind ours, on the street behind ours. We can see eachother if I sneak into my sisters room 😂 and she’s in hers. It’s great fun having a friend who lives so close… but she has moved to her old house an hour away for 6 months whilst they have building work done…. peace at last! 😂❤️

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    1. We have lived so close for ever it feels even when he’s moved he’s only been 5-10 minutes drive, this is how bad a person I am 😂🤣😂 on his sons 1st birthday I got him a drum kit, I thought it was nice because he used to love bashing on the saucepans he’d crawl to the cupboard and throw them out then sit hitting them for hours.
      His son always loved cars he love coming out with me I’d sit him in my lap and let him steer while I did the pedals, this became a problem when his mum wouldn’t do the same 😂😂 so on his second birthday I bought him an electric car. He’s 17 now and learning to drive he still says thank you for buying his first car. It’s great having friends like that keep a hold of that friendship even when they move away it will last forever xx

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      1. It’s even scarier when it’s your bestie’s son I’m my eyes he’s still that little baby boy that wouldn’t go to bed unless I read him a story when I was round, or if he was ill wanted mummy to see if I could come round and look after him 😂🤣😂 other people had/have clingy kids he just said no all I want is uncle Clive

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      2. He’s at that age where he’s all grown up but even now if he feels ill he’ll have a cuddle on the sofa while watching a film, his parents have always told him if he’s to embarrassed to talk to them about anything to come talk to me and I’ll help him or fix the problem, he’s grown up into a really nice young man I’m very proud of what he does xx💖

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