A Brief introduction to (C.L.O.M) Clive

This is a very brief introduction to who I am

My full name is Clive Laurence Oliver Mansfield

My dad Clive Robert William Mansfield

My mum Susan Pamela Gunn was Mansfield maiden name Thompkins.

My mums father died when she was 14, his name Clarence Thompkins

My dads father Walter Fredrick Oliver Mansfield

Named Clive after my dad,

My Nan wanted me to have Clarence luckily my father and mother decided that Laurence was a close name (that wasn’t classed as cruelty to a child lol)

Oliver taken from my grandads name on my fathers side

If my grandparents had their way my name would be Clive Clarence Walter Mansfield, lucky escape lol.

Friends at school and college when they found out my names called me CLOM. Very good female friends and children called and still call me Clifford after the big red dog, it’s a term of endearment, I’m big and gruff but I’m loyal to a fault, I love that the kids all find it easier to call me Clifford or Cliff rather than Clive then it just sticks lol

So I was born left handed and left footed, so until I was 3yo this was not a problem, I started preschool I’m guessing that’s the time I started thinking there was something wrong with me maybe I’d call myself a FREAK!

I’ll let that just settle in your mind and I’ll show my reasoning at the end you can then see if I’m right in calling myself a FREAK!!

So I had no teachers that could or would teach me because I was a lefty so I was excluded to a certain extent, as you’ll find out as we travel through my life I don’t like to be beat by anything. Also I didn’t like to be treated or seen to be different!!!

I’m a self taught right handed and right footed child at this point in my life, I taught myself very quickly (I can write with both hands and my right foot), this I found out in a drama class (in an interactive production) as I had to play a person who went back into a fire and tried to save someone which I did but got my arms blown off, I then had to see what I could do with no arms, it turns out quiet a lot!!

So I called myself a FREAK, earlier here is the evidence, now no-one has called me this, that I know of but here is the definition in the Oxford English Dictionary!

Freak noun: A person, Animal or Plant with an unusual physical abnormality.

Freak Synonyms: aberration, abnormality, irregularity, oddity, monster, monstrosity, malformation or mutant.

Freak you Verb: behave or cause to behave in a wild and irrational way typically because of the effects of extreme emotion or drugs.

Until the next blog it’s Freaky Clifford signing off love you guys!!

8 thoughts on “A Brief introduction to (C.L.O.M) Clive

  1. My sister was left-handed but the school kept ‘correcting’ it so she learned to write with both. People have weird beliefs about that stuff. Also I think you’d have been able to pull off Clarence if necessary – I’m now going to start calling you Clifford. 😉 x

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